Let your light so shine before men that they will see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.                         Matthew 5:16

Not all, but some locations we distribute to every month.
Church News Magazine
Harmony MBC
Nana’s Kitchen
New Mt. Carmel MBC
Southside Bank
Ft. Worth Black Chamber
James E. Guinn Business Complex

Strangers Rest MBC
Open Doors for Women Center
Zion Baptist Church
Como Community Center
Bethel Temple Church
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
Green Pastures COGIC
Como Church of Christ
Greater Rising Star MBC
Saint Luke Baptist Church
Emmanuel MBC
Como First MBC
Johnson Chapel Methodist Church
West Mount Moriah BC
Crouch Time of Harvest COGIC
Ferguson Funeral Home
Jubilee Temple CME

New Generation Worship Center
Christian Faith BC
Abundant Life Community Church
Jack’s BBQ & Home Cooking
Great Commission BC
Grace Lutheran Church
Turner Chapel COGIC
Destiny Church
New Birth Baptist Church
New Restoration Christian Church
Valentino’s Beauty Supply

Highland Hills MBC
East St Paul MBC
Highland Hills Community Center

Sweethome COGIC
Chimney Rock Ministries

Inspiring Higher Purpose Ministries
Bethany Baptist Church
Tastebud Ministries
Grace Tabernacle BC
Greater Sweethome BC
Berea Baptist Church
Celebrate Life Fellowship
Pronto Insurance Company
A Metroplex Insurance

New Fellowship Church
Ramp Church Texas
1st Missionary BC
Smith Chapel COGIC
New Creation MBC
New Life Family of God
Heavenly Vision MBC
1st Riverside MBC
Kingdom Temple Church
Community of Hope Lutheran
Bethlehem COGIC
Golden Gate COGIC
Truevine MBC
Eastwood Street BC
Rising Star COGIC
Samaria MBC
Freshly Anointed MBC
Zion Rest MBC
St John MBC Temple of Praise
Greater New Hope MBC
Eugene McCray Community Center
Forest Hill MBC
Jericho Road BC
Eastland Church of Christ
1st Pilgrim Valley BC
Bright Glory BC
Rising Star BC
Greater Mt Tabor BC
Immanuel MBC
Mission of Hope Church
Coming of Christ COGIC
God’s MBC
Ebenezer BC
Mayfield BC
New Creation Fellowship Church
Precious Cornerstone MBC
New Creation Christian Center
Thy Word MBC
Johnson Street CHSC
Greater Eleazer BC
New Harvest MBC
Providence BC
Christland MBC
Holy Tabernacle COGIC

Shiloh MBC
Wesley Chapel AME
New Hope BC
The Greenway Church
Corinth St MBC

Morris Bate Funeral Home
Mt Pisgah MBC
Love Sanctuary COGIC
Fellowship MBC
Pilgrim Rest BC
Highland Park BC
Greater Progressive Church
Tru e Love Sanctuary
Church of The Living God Pillar
Harvey Avenue MBC
Elm Grove MBC
Mt Sinia BC
First Samaria BC
Hillside Community Center
Mt Ararat MBC
Morningside BC
New Mt Rose BC
Morningside UMC
Mt Olive MBC
Fisher Beauty Salon
Kings Haven Church
Greater 4 Corners BC
Macedonia MBC
New Vision Church

Greater Gospel Kingdom COGIC
Pilgrim Valley MBC
New Breed Christian Center
Christian Outreach Center
Chosen Vessel Church
Pilgrim Galilee BC
New Rising Star BC
Morning Star Church
House of Prayer Church
New Mt Hope Church
City Fellowship Church
Church at Philadelphia
Concord Baptist Church
Carter Metropolitan UMC
Beth Eden MBC
Genesis Unity BC
Perfecting Faith Church
Salem MBC

Mitchell Blvd COC
House of Prayer
Harvest Church
First St John Church
Solid Rock Church
Cooper MBC
Inspiring Temple of Praise
Greater St Stephen MBC
New Jerusalem MBC
Calvary MBC
Community Christian Church
New Beginnings Church
Corinth MBC
Pentecostal COGIC
Christ Lifters Church
Greater True Light BC
Greater Friendship BC
Redeeming Love CHSC
Paradise MBC

DOWNTOWN North/South
Greater St James MBC
Morning Chapel CME
Allen Chapel BC
Greater New Life Church
World MBC
St Andrews UMC
Outland Memorial Church
Kingdom Advancement
Our Mother of Mercy Catholic
Baker Chapel AME
Lenora Rolle History Museum
Southside Community Center
Antioch MBC
Greater Love Church
Mount Carmel BC
Mount Zion MBC

Darlene’s Cleaner
Mt Moriah MBC
Meadowbrook 1st MBC
Life Vision Church
Tree of Life Funeral Home
Saintsville Cathedral
Dock Book Store
Assured Faith Church
East Pointe Church of Christ
Heavenly Vision Gospel Church
Mount Horum MBC
St Matthew MBC
Golden Gate Funeral Home
Christ Centered MBC
If you are receiving CHURCHIN' at your Church, Business or other location, and you want to help distribute through your establishment, please contact us by email at: chutchinnews@sbcglobal.net. We welcome you.